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The Engineers' Club evolution:

The Engineers' Club (TEC) started business in 1989 primarily as a BBS (Bulletin board Service). TEC sponsored up to 50 conferences and hosted an on-line shareware and freeware library with programs of interest to the engineering and technical community. Eventually, over 6500 programs were available for downloading at no charge. Gradually, the business began evaluating, compiling, and bundling the shareware. "DosPac," "WinPac," and "BestOf" Libraries were sold in over 12 countries to governmental agencies, leading universities as well as companies of all sizes. Later, a technical package on CD ROM was offered for sale.

TEC moved onto the World Wide Web over a decade ago in 1990, and began designing and hosting web sites. In addition, TEC is now offering engineering design software developed by Bob Griffith. (MxrSpur Spurious Analysis and eSeptum filter design)

The Engineers' Club strives to be a "PLACE" for engineers and technical professionals around the world to find resources and links to other helpful sites. We try to create an attitude of sharing knowledge and helpfulness among the "members" of our global engineering and technical community.

We're glad you're here!


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