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Link Advertisers (Free):

Free of charge provided you supply a reciprocal link back to "The Engineers Club Online Resources"

Supply us with a single sentence describing your web site, and the URL. Advertisers must be technical in content. Ad placement solely at the discretion of FREE AD Request FORM

Add our link to your links page, choose one of the following source codes to cut and paste:

The Engineers Club Online Resource

<! Begin source code>
<p><a href="">The Engineers Club Online Resource </a></p>
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The Engineers Club
Online technical resources and Forums for the professional engineer

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<p><a href="">The Engineers Club</a><br>
Online technical resources and Forums for the professional engineer</p>
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Page Advertisers (Your logo/Link placed on a relevant page)

Single page Ads (Page Margin Ad)

Ad Setup charges paid in advance of $25.00. Customer supplied logo not exceeding 110W x 110L pixels.

Quarterly Charges of $70.00 (includes $25.00 setup fee) and $45.00 per quarter thereafter ($15.00/month).

Member Status:
Members are individuals and corporations that use for hosting and editing their web sites.

Web site hosting includes:

  • Space on our web servers
  • Ad rotation on our home page
  • Ad placement on relevant pages contained within our web site
  • Web Hosting Cost is $45.00 per month
  • Editing costs are on a time and materials basis (quote on request)
  • eMail forwarding ( to your designated email account.
  • Hot monitor of your website. We'll notify you anytime your website is down over an hour (24/7 monitor)

Primary Advertisers (Your Logo/Link placed on our homepage, and relevant pages)

Ad placement on our Home page and relevant page (page margin Ad) within our web site

Ads and setup are paid for in advance on a quarterly basis

Ad set up fee (using customer supplied logo not exceeding 110W x 110L pixels) Free with 1st 3 months placement

Cost for Primary Advertising is $100.00 for the 1st quarter (includes $25 setup) and $75.00 per quarter thereafter ($25.00/month). Ad Request Form

PLEASE NOTE: Google Checkout has closed up shop - We will look at their new alternative - In the interem, Please submit invoice payments by check (Net 15 days) on invoices. Thank You.

Yearly Subscription - Single Page Ad - $150.00

Quarterly Subscription Multipage Ad + Logo - $75.00

1 Year Subscription Multipage Ad + Logo - $250



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