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MxrSpur II, Released June 2006 For  Windows '98/2000/NT, Millennium, XP, VISTA, Windows 7*

*see vista note

MxrSpur II - Screenshot


New Features:

  • 300% Larger working and screen area
  • File management added (Load, Save, Erase)
  • Send your MXR files to team members for Collaborative designs (Shareware version will read MXR Files)
  • Tracking LO (Lock the LO to the RF frequency by any offset you specify)
  • More spurs displayed on analyzer screen (up to 8x8 spurious)
  • Windows 95/98/2000/Millenium/NT/XP
  • Check out the demo files (at bottom of page)
  • Selling price of $99.95 (eMail update for no shipping costs)

Download Trial Version NOW - (LO is Locked on trial version)

Self-Running demos of MxrSpur II
MxrSpur Demo Files       (Created using TurboDemo Trial Version)

37 to 40GHz LO Tracking Downconvert (5GHz Fixed IF Output Frequency)

Flash Format

4GHz to 23GHz Upconverter Design

  Flash Format    
Windows Media File (asf)
MxrSpur II Function and Controls
Flash Format

Order Now for $99.95 - Email us a PDF Purchase Order and we'll unlock your programs and send you the invoice -


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