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Engineering Calculators and Online Calulator Links

Use These Four Programs ONLINE by running them now...

Pi Pad Resistive Network Calculator
PiPad Calculator
T Pad Resistive Network Calculator
T Pad Calculator


Coaxial Line Calculator (Sqr. or Round Conductors)
Coaxial Line Calculator


Waveguide Information Calculator
Waveguide Calculator

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•  Algebra Help

•  Andrew : Antenna Design, Andrew

•  Antenna Calculator : Q-par Angus Ltd

•  Antenna System Evaluator : Antenna calculations, KD6DKS

• - Online Conversions

•  Astronomy : Kelper's 3rd Law, magnitude

•  Attenuators : Minimum loss attenuator design

• CalculatorEdge- Online Calculators for ALL types of engineering disciplines

Calculators and information for scientists and engineers

•  CapCAD : Capacitor Calculation, Dielectric Laboratories

•  Chemistry Calculators : Boyle's Law, Charles' Law, STP, molar volume, etc.

•  Choke Designer : Inductor values using standard cores

•  ConvertIt : Huge collection of converters and calculators

•   - Engineering Calculators

•  Filter Design Software on Circruitsage's Web Site

•  FilterCAD : Active filter designer, Linear Technologies

•  Financial Calculators : Loan amortization, interest, loan payment

•  Flex Analysis : Evaluate thermal/mechanical performance of flex circuits, Rogers Corporation

•  Free Binomial and poisson Calculators

• Home Loans and Mortgage Calculator

•  HP48 Calculator Programs : Lots of engineering programs

•  Impedance Matching Calculator : John Wetherell, Berkely , CA

•  Julian Date Calculator : calculates JDs for a given month

•  Karnaugh Map Calculator : by Russell Sasamori

•  Karnaugh Map Calculator : by Shurik Soft

•  MegaConverter2 : Multifunctional units converter

•  Mixer Spur Calculator : Theoretical spur levels - online by Hittite

• MWI : Substrate line impedance calculator, Rogers Corporation (G.R.Traut)

 Mortgage Calculators : Mortgage Calculators for all types of loans

• Online Unit Converter is resource for unit converters, conversion factors, measures and calculators.

•  PCB Trace Width : Conductor thickness, ampacity, temperature rise

 Pi-Pad Calculator: Use Online or Download from

• PLL Phase Noise Calculator : Hittite's tool for selecting the best HMC divider, counter, phase frequency detector and VCO to simulate & achieve optimal PLL phase noise.

•  Poles & Zeros Calculator : Move the poles and zeros to see the frequency domain response

•  Power Calculator : Motor & line calculations, conversions

•   Radio Calculators : Pi attenuators and air inductor calculators by Jim Hawkins

•   Reverse Morgage Calculator : Reverse mortgage calculator that requires no personal information

•  Satellite Link Budget Calculator : Uplink/downlink calculator, Satellite Signals site

•  Satellite dish pointing calculator (with azimuth result relative to magentic north)

•  SETI range calculator

•  Signals & Noise : Java applet for exploring random processes

•  T-Pad Calculator : Use online or download from

•  Transmission Line Calculator : by Kevin Schmit

•  Ultra Converter I , Ultra Converter II : If these to converters don't have it, you don't need to convert it!

•  Unit Conversions / Bolt Torque / Shunt Calculator / Zero Calculator / Span

•  Waveguide Calculator (FREE) from The Engineers' Club

•  Waveguide Filter Design ONLINE. A cool tool from Guidedwave Technology.

• Web Cool Tools : A variety of online FLASH calculators

• Wire Sizes : Calculate wire diameter, ampacity

•  Yagi Java Applet : Change frequency, element diameter, and number of segments


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